Stitch Print: Screen Printing and Embroidery Company Directory


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Get a 'Featured Shop' listing on your location's City page in our StitchPrint national directory. [Example here.]

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Simply post our "StitchPrint Registered Production Company" authority icon in the homepage footer of your website, and in exchange we'll post a FREE text link ad on the City page of your choice!


STEP 1: Copy and paste the following html code to your home page in the exact location you want the icon to appear:

<a title="Stitch Print" href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Stitch Print Screen Printing and Embroidery Company Directory"></a>

Once the code is uploaded to your site's server, our icon will appear as follows on your site (it's transparent so it works on any site color!):

Stitch Print Screen Printing and Embroidery Company Directory

STEP 2: Once the icon and link have been added to your website, with the name of your company, the city and state of your location, and your phone number and website URL. We'll take that info and work it into the appropriate city page. Then we'll reply by email notifying you that your ad is live and in place so you can check it out!

OUR PROMISE: As long as our icon is linked in place on your website, your FREE ad listing will remain in our directory! This City page ad will not only promote your business to our directory visitors, but it will give you another content link back to your website to improve search engine rankings!

(NOTE: If you prefer to have the StitchPrint icon image file pulled from your own server, right-click the image above then choose 'Save Image As' from the menu that appears to save it to your hard drive. FTP that icon file to the images folder of your website server. Then revise the html code to call the path to your server's images folder.)

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